Who Am I?

Long time renegade Event Creator & Producer of unique, hybrid live show entertainment; Lead Vocalist of electro-rock bands, MC/Ringmaster and musical performer of globally touring arena festival events; Race Car Driver and action sports enthusiast.

Some of my highlights



Tony Grinder is an American event creator and producer, character performer and production/artistic director.

Lead vocalist and composer, MC and Ringmaster of several globally touring live events; and longtime creator of hybrid live event audience immersive entertainment; Race Car driver and Action Sports enthusiast.


  • Founder, songwriter and vocalist of a Los Angeles/ Las Vegas based ALL-STAR Electronic rock band comprised of a collective of famous musicians from several world renowned bands.
  • Former vocalist of Means to an End, an Industrial rock band that toured with Motopsycho Mania’s highly charged motorcycles & music shows.
  • Former Vocalist of the Organ Grinders, the first band ever to tour with a halfpipe skateboard ramp onstage placed behind the drummer.


  • Founder, Owner, Producer of Grindco Entertainment, a live music, action sports, Festival and theatrical production company. Currently touring with Grindco’s H2X Extreme Water Show Circus and APOCALYPSE WORLD Masquerade & Music audience interactive events, and developing unique ideas for the future including more audience immersive experiences and futuristic motorsports events.
  • 2016 Produced all atmospheric and decoration elements, and vocally performed the APOCALYPSE WORLD Halloween Masquerade & Music costume party and freak show of oddities in Bakersfield, California.
  • 2015 Extensively traveled Asia and Europe meeting with promoters, venues, media, and talent buyers for setting the groundwork of next upcoming global tours.
  • 2014 Recorded and released six new songs and directed and starred in two music videos including a cover of David Bowies’ I’m Afraid of Americans and World Police for international release and supporting global showcase concerts.
  • 2013- Produced an 11-day runs of H2X Extreme Water-Sports shows at the Calgary Stampede to capacity crowds of over 130,000 spectators. Articles: Calgary Sun news;/ Global news
  • 2012 Formed All-star electronic rock band and recording music material for the worldwide launch in conjunction with H2X Water Circus World Tour. Directed and released the music video for Be Like Me.  And debuted APOCALYPSE WORLD Audience Interactive Masquerade & Music event in Las Vegas on the Mayan end-of-the-world date- 12-21-12.
  • 2011 Produced and performed several Motopsycho Mania motorcycles & music shows and produced Las Vegas H2X Water Show and Jet Ski Race inside Southpoint Arena, to much media acclaim. Articles: las Vegas Sun
  • 2009 Launched the debut event of H2X Extreme Water Shows, the first time ever to fill a major U.S. sports arena with water at the iWireless Arena in Moline, IL…
  • Articles: OG Online news
  • 2007 Developed and test marketed two new touring properties:‘Motopsycho Mania’ & ‘H2X’ Watershow
  • 2003 – 04 Toured with Means to an End on the ‘Infect the System’ Skate-rock tour.
  • 2002 – Formed Means to an End, and began race training for various car racing endeavors.
  • 2000 – Stock Car and Road racing, Scootercross (motorized stand- up scooter) Karting, Jet Ski racing
  • 1998 – Expanded Grindco to be able to offer Ski/Snowboard jumping, Freestyle Moto X, Skatepark design & construction, event planning & consultation.
  • 1996 – 98 Started Grindco Entertainment, and toured extensively with the Organ Grinders halfpipe skate/ concert to U.S. nightclubs & arenas, right at the beginning of the rise of popularity in extreme sports.
  • 1992 – 96 Conceived the idea of a extreme sports halfpipe show physically up onstage behind the new “baby” band the Organ Grinders. Doing what no other band had done ( or still have yet to do) this show drew record crowds for a virtually unknown band, and sports that were not in the public eye at that time, on three different national tours.